Friday, September 23, 2005

Sorry Stephen

From Sports Guy: "On behalf of the Guys Who Own Daunte Culpepper In Their Fantasy League And Are Officially Sweating Bullets Association, I'd like to apologize for what happened to our special hotline number last week -- we simply didn't have enough operators available to talk to everyone. Please be patient, we're doing the best we can. In the mean time, avoid any and all fantasy Web sites, don't read the Minnesota papers, don't operate any heavy machinery, make sure you're around plenty of people this Sunday, and if you need to drink heavily, do so -- just make sure you have a ride home. We're going to get through this. Just remember, a QB can still put up solid fantasy stats in 38-24 blowout defeats, especially in a league in which turnovers don't count. Keep telling yourself this."


Paul said...

Maybe Rush Limbaugh could say something to inspire Daunte.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys--

This has absolutely nothing to do with the post...but I thought all of you would be interested to know how Preble, Philippe, and the girls are doing, since Rita so completely attacked Lake Charles.

They evacuated to Northern LA, to the home of a colleague (I got all of this from a message on my machine...damn it, that was the 10-15 minute window I went to the post office). It sounded as though they have *serious* concerns about their home, but are of course focusing on the important reality that they are all safe and all together. Preble indicated that the town will not be functioning for about a month, and so she and the girls will likely go to Ohio to be with her family.

She also asked that I spread the word to anyone who might be please let anyone you think of know that they are ok. A prayer or two would probably be in order, as well, if you are so moved.


J.D. said...

Thanks, Jamie. I was wondering about them, and am glad to hear that they are alright. Please keep us posted on how things turn out for them.

Consider the prayers sent, with more on the way.