Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kevin Corke: Hero

One of our readers named Paul pointed out this story from Newsbusters. Apparently NBC Nightly News reporter Kevin Corke said:

“As Rita’s howling winds lashed the gulf coast, it was another storm, Hurricane Katrina, that may have had the most to do with the way the Bush team responded to Rita — criticism the President didn’t respond quickly enough, leisurely wrapping up a five week vacation in Crawford, and continuing with planned events despite the unfolding tragedy.”

Corke continued: “But this time’s been very different — the President has remained active including appearances today in Colorado and here in Texas. But political analysts warn that by trying to do so much in so many different places, the President actually runs the risk of looking like a political opportunist.”
Now, I don't particularly care about this story because we all know President Bush is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, but Corke will always have one thing going for him in my book: when the Highlands Ranch High School football team went 8-1 in 1991 and got screwed out of the Colorado state playoffs by a ridiculous tie breaker system (if we had won one of our games by less, we would have gone to the playoffs) Denver sportscaster Kevin Corke came to our defense. He came to HRHS and interviewed our coach. He went on TV and called it a travesty. Which it was. We were awesome that year.

God bless Kevin Corke. All 4' 9" of him.

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