Friday, May 06, 2005

Final Exam

The following is the concluding paragraph of an essay on how Truman responded to the challenges presented by the Soviets after WWII:

"One more thing I must add was the Sputnik. This Sputnik was a spy set up in outer space to spy on Nassar and the Soviets. This helped the U.S. so that we could see Nassar building the Berlin wall. This wall was to keep us from invading them, but we went in to Cambodia where we were not supposed to be."

I am speechless.


Mark said...

I just read a paper on late-19th century immigration with this line: "Transatlantic trains were equipped with beds and washrooms." Not quite as shocking, but still, I'd like to take that route across the Atlantic.

greg said...

Please post some more of thesee, it makes my high school students look much smarter.