Monday, May 17, 2004

Our Chosen Profession: Historians vs. George W. Bush

Historians vs. George W. Bush
The title of this article should have been, "Historians, on Balance, Remarkably Stupid."


dcat said...

Wait a second, I do not see a single indication here that historians (or the article) are "stupid." What I see is that they are liberal and they oppose Bush. There is nothing unreasonable, and there is certainly nothing stupid about this.

greg said...

The History News Network and the professor who conducted this "unscientific" poll should be ashamed of themselves for putting such drivel on their website. It's not their job to poll and it's not their job to rate presidents; their job is to be unbiased and objective in researching and reporting past events.

dcat said...

It is not historians' job to rate presidents? (?!?) It is not historians' job to conduct polls? Um, ok. Dumbest. Comment. Ever.

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